Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney Copyright/Trademark/Patent Infringement

Okay, I know almost nothing about copyright/trademark/patent law.  But this kind of thing annoys me because I am a rule-follower and think no one should try to cheat the system and make it harder for the people who work hard and follow the rules.  Yes I am aware that these instances are so small potatoes to Disney that they can't be bothered to enforce their intellectual property rights.  If they did that, the company would go bankrupt because this kind of thing is everywhere.  Nevertheless: annoying. 

First we have a lovely establishment in the Lower East Side blatantly ripping off the Disney font.  Why?  Why can they not use their own font?

Next we have a baby store in New Jersey using the Bambi name in connection with a deer - which has NOTHING to do with bambi as a word (which is Italian for baby and so makes sense for a baby store name) except that DISNEY used it in a movie.  So why the deer unless they're trying to invoke the idea of Disney's intellectual property?  They could have easily used a cartoon baby, cartoon bird or bear, cartoon flowers, anything else.  But no, they picked a cartoon deer - which, in combination with the name Bambi, can only be a reference to Disney.

Finally, we have those upstanding citizens in Times Square pretending to be Disney characters to make a buck on photos.  Admirable no?

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