Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Palo Review Part III - Disney Magic NYC Weekend Cruise June 2012

Do I even need to tell you which dessert I ordered?  OBVIOUSLY I had to go with Palo's famous chocolate souffle!!  It comes perfectly puffed with high quality vanilla bean ice cream and thick chocolate and vanilla sauces

First you break the puff, then you pour the thick, rich chocolate sauce in to try it with just the chocolate sauce.

After you come down from heaven, you add in the vanilla sauce for another try.  You die a little in perfect happiness with each bite.  

Once that's done, you eat the vanilla ice cream drizzled in whatever sauces remain, and then you use a spoon to finish out the sauces straight up.  If you don't do this, you have failed as a diner.  

We were also celebrating my dad's birthday so he got this fun little surprise:

All in all, Palo was a GREAT dinner and the only meal on our cruise that surpassed the "just barely edible" level.  And surpassed it, it did!  I am so glad we got to try it.  

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