Monday, January 21, 2013

Palo Review Part II - - Disney Magic NYC Weekend Cruise June 2012

 For my appetizer I ordered the lobster ravioli in a creamy sauce.  It felt . . . under cooked (see how the seafood inside is the pasta is still grey?).  But I deferred to the expertise of the Palo kitchen and trusted that it was supposed to be this way and ate it anyway.

For the entree I of COURSE ordered the filet.  You have the option of a blue cheese topping or a red wine sauce.  Obviously I had to have both.  I'm not super into steak but it was YUM.

It came with garlicky sauteed spinach and a mash underneath.  Almost as yummy as the steak itself!
But what I REALLY came to Palo for was the dessert . . . .

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