Friday, January 18, 2013

Palo Review Part I - Disney Magic NYC Weekend Cruise June 2012

Ah Palo!  At last, I KNEW I was in for a decent meal on this ship.  I had insisted we make special reservations for this place.  We got dressed up and walked in to this Italian inspired restaurant. 

Once seated, our lovely waiter Andrea (male) stopped by to talk to us about our dinner.  He brought out some delicious bread fresh from the oven.  Then he wheeled out this lovely cart and started preparing our antipasti plate.

Here is the finished antipasti plate: clockwise from bottom front we have:
Roasted red peppers, an AMAZING Parmigiano Reggiano cheese drizzled in a balsamic vinegar reduction, selection of olives, artichokes, paper-thin slices of cured meat, paper-thin slices of prosciutto, and a tapenade in the middle. 

It was all DELICIOUS.  And then we had our appetizers and entrees to look forward to!

Palo entrance.

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