Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lumieres Review - Disney Magic - Weekend NYC Cruise June 2012

Continuing on in our quest for decent food on the Disney Magic, we decided to have lunch at Lumieres (it wasn't on our dining rotation due to the short trip).  The decor was nice if a little dated.  Love the rose chandeliers!

I ordered a turkey sandwich and it was . . . ugly.  SOAKED in thousand island dressing, the soggy bread didn't help the overly smoky flavor of the turkey.  It was actually depressing.  So depressing and ugly I didn't even want to take a photo of it.  

But I had something to look forward to:  hot chocolate pudding for dessert!  Topped with vanilla creme and marshmallows (they look like crunchy sugar pieces but they were actually soft and yummy), I was looking forward to a rich, chocolaty end to my otherwise disappointing meal.

And it was rich and chocolaty on the inside too.  It wasn't SO AMAZING that it saved the nasty sandwich, but based on the Magic's track record so far it could have been much worse.  

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