Monday, March 19, 2012

Recent Disney references on network TV

On the most recent episode of Cougar Town, one of the characters who sings with an a capella group was working on making their way to Disney World to audition - and on the episode they sang many Disney classics including "When You Wish Upon a Star" and "I Got No Strings".  The episode culminated in a romantical moment featuring "Kiss the Girl" and a dancing red crab (Sebastian is that you?).

On the most recent episode of The Office, Nellie Bertram (played by Catherine Tate) refers to herself as Tinkerbell - a fairy giving out wishes - and has everyone in the office clap to show they believe in her.  Robert California (ingeniously played by James Spader) asks Jim if he wants to take the family to "Disney Town," to which Jim corrects, "land . . . . World."

Is Disney secretly infiltrating our network television shows?  Is this the executives' subtle pricking of our subconscious to get the audience to remember to book that next vacation?  I suppose we'll never really know . . .

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