Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday/Magical Memories: Skyway adventures

Hi guys!  Welcome back for another Flashback Friday.   Do you remember the Skyway?  I loved the Swiss ski chalet-esque building at the end of Fantasyland that hosted one end of the Skyway.  I somehow don't remember the Tomorrowland part though. 

One memory I do have of the Skyway, however, is when we got stuck in it!  I was elementary school age I think.  We had boarded a blue Skyway car - my dad, my mom, my sister and me.  As I recall, we didn't ride the Skyway all that much because my dad is scared of heights.  I don't know what possessed us to get him to go on it this time.  He was a good dad though, so I'm sure he was just doing it "for the kids".  :)

Anyway, we started off and were floating over Fantasyland, when suddenly, we stopped.  We were hovering between Small World and Peter Pan but also kind of close to the Carousel.  It felt like we were up there for 45 minutes, but I'm sure it was only around 20 or even less.  I don't remember anyone being upset (although my dad was probably quietly freaking out in his head!); we just waited patiently and joked around a little and my mom did a good job of entertaining/distracting us. 

After a while we started moving again, but I don't remember ever going on the Skyway again!

Well, thanks for flashing back with me!  Now, hop on to the next stop!

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  1. Oh wow! Figures the one time you get your dad on there it stops! I used to like going through the Matterhorn on it. That was my favorite part about it.