Friday, April 1, 2011

Practically Perfect Opinion: Greys Anatomy Musical

Here are my thoughts on last night's Greys Anatomy musical episode.  Mainly because I have no where else to share them.  Let's say Grey's is on ABC which is a Disney affiliate and that is how it is tangentially related to this blog that no one reads.   Okay here we go:

Let me start by saying I loved the episode.  I know a lot of people disagreed.  But I think the strong points of the episode far outweighed the negative points. 

Strong point #1: Sara Ramirez

I LOVE Sara Ramirez.  If I was a lesbian, Sara would be my dream girl.  In fact, I am not a lesbian and Sara may still be my dream girl.  Half of that adoration is due to her being just incredibly talented.  Talent is attractive you know.  And she did the bulk of the singing which was a very smart decision.  I like to imagine that the writers/producers were all "Let's make a Callie-centered episode because she has been less than 100% likeable this season and Sara Ramirez is awesome and deserves a chance to showcase her talents."  And the rest of the cast, although being not the best singers, rallied around that idea because, as stated above, Sara Ramirez rocks.  

Joe R., the recapper who wrote a fantastic recap of this episode had this to say, with which I completely agree:

"This is a beyond-talented woman who's so rarely been allowed to show the entire breadth of that talent. If this episode is the show's way of making all this up to Sara Ramirez, I am totally fine with that. . . . And I will say, despite the obnoxiousness of this episode's self-congratulatory credit-taking for having used these songs in the past, it does give things an eerie, ethereal air -- like these songs have been swirling around Seattle Grace for years, unheard by anyone who isn't out-of-bodying it at the moment -- that's pretty effective."

Weak point #1The Singing

The rest of the cast were not the best singers.  Yes, yes, everyone LOOOOOVES to show off how clever they are and what a music expert they are by ragging on singers.  American Idol is a case in point.  The more you criticize others, the better you think you look, I suppose.  And yes, the cast by and large was not great.   But Sara by far sang the most, followed by Kevin McKidd, and the rest of the cast barely sang at all (I think Meredith sang one verse) and/or were helped with autotune and/or were supported by a lot of backup singers.  I mean, I've heard worse.  Much worse.  Did anyone watch Real Housewives?  Did anyone hear Kim Z.'s "songs" or the Countess's "performance" of Money Can't Buy You Class

Weak Point #2: The Cheese-Factor

Okay first, ANY musical tv show is going to be cheesy.  See, e.g., every single episode of Glee.  Second, it's a nightime drama on ABC.  So you have to cut them a little slack.  Desperate Housewives on any given Sunday night is far far worse in terms of cheesiness and they don't even sing. 

Strong Point #2: The Story

If you read this blog, chances are you appreciate Disney in some way or another.  Therefore, you must know that the Story Is King.  And Grey's story last night? Was FANTASTIC.  I wasn't sure whether the writers were going to kill off either or both of Callie and her baby until the very end and it was awesome.  They kept me guessing and it was extremely compelling.  The "Running on Sunshine" number seemed unnecessary and was kind of terrible, but aside from that, I was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode.  Actually, the episode would have been good even without all the music.  The story was good, people.  That that is the most important thing. 

P.S. As an aside, I hate Meredith even more now.  She's supposed to be what, mid-late 30s?  She is JUST LEARNING NOW that life is arbitrary and the universe is a hurtful place?  Sack the fuck up, Meredith.  I've known that fact since I was half your age. You're fucking lucky you spent your life up until this point being ignorant to that fact.  Either you are very lucky (in which case, stop with the crying) or you're really really stupid. 

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