Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Attractions: Podcast Reviews

                      During my 1 hour commute to work every morning and my 1 hour commute home every night, I like to pass the time by listening to different Disney podcasts.  Because I can listen to more than 2 hours of podcasts per weekday, I go through a LOT of them. 

                    I have a quite a wide repertoire and, having spent so much time listening to them, I've come to think of these podcasters as kind of one-way friends (I know they're my friend, most of them do not know I am theirs as well).  I've also listened to enough of them to form opinions on most and will be using this space to share some of my opinions. 

Reviews Coming Up:
  • WDW Radio
  • Be Our Guest Podcast
  • WDW Today
  • Disney, Indiana
  • Character Breakfast
  • Inside the Magic
  • The Hub
  • Mousedroppings
  • Mousetimes
  • Five Minute Magic

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