Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kill, Marry, Refurb Blog Hop: Food and Wine booths!

I'm joining the masterful Mouse on the Minand heroic This Happy Place Blog for the Kill/Refurb/Marry blog hop!  This week's theme is Food and Wine booths.  

Kill:  Craft Beer and Fife and Drum.  
Beer is disgusting.  Also the "snacks" available at Craft Beer look like airplane food.  First class airplane food, sure, but airplane food nonetheless.  Also, you can get a Ghiradelli sundae at Downtown Disney.  Not to mention that the "sundae" at the booth is vanilla soft serve with a bit of chocolate sauce.  I am unimpressed.  (Hops and Barley is getting a pass for now due to cheese and carrot cake.) 

Mercy Kill: Eat to the Beat.  I am so over the has-been bands that no one cares about playing that one song that everyone knows.  Call me when they get some good hip hop acts.  What is Coolio doing these days?

Refurb: Desserts.  Ahhhh the beautiful country of Desserts.  It is one of my favorite vacation spots.  Unfortunately, I am not interested in prepackaged chocolates I can buy at CVS.  The trio is equally uninspired (my primary dessert rule is "if it involves fruit it may be delicious but it is NOT DESSERT").  Could we maybe get something good instead?  Disney does some great sweets. (hi schoolbread.  hi cakecups.)  Why is the Dessert booth so dull?

Marry:  Greece.  For the griddled cheese alone.  Never leave me, Greece.  

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  1. hahaha beer *IS* disgusting!!

    Glad you're playing, however belated. <3