Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill/Marry/Refurb Blog Hop - Disney Transportation!

I'm joining the magnificent Mouse on the Mind and hilarious This Happy Place Blog for the Kill/Refurb/Marry blog hop!  This week's theme is Disney transportation.  

Kill:  Disney buses.  There is nothing magical or special or fun about a bus no matter how many cute announcements they play.  Plus waiting for the buses also sucks.  "But V, if there are no buses, how will we get to DAK and DHS?"  AH!  See "Refurb" below.

Refurb: The Monorail.  1) They keep breaking. Fix that.  2) I know it's gauche because they were involved in fatal accidents but bring back the pink and purple monorails because those were my favorite colors.  Monorail color matters.  3) Extend the monorails to the other parks.  Boom.  Slam.  Lawyered.

Marry:  The Motor Launches.  I mean they are adorable looking for one.  They are special to the 7SL and Bae Lake (ahem) deluxe resorts for another.  The views from the launches are great and they are small so they feel extra special and exclusive. 

If you're smart, you will hop on to all the next stops. 

Don't forget to join the hop and link up here!!

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