Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Solo Trip Recap Part 5: Liberty Tree Tavern

On my Magic Kingdom day, I decided to try for lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern.  Those fried cheese curds AJ had raved about on the Disney Food Blog were on my "to try" list.  As was the ooey gooey toffee cake.  I was a walk up with no ADR so I had a bit of a wait - just 15 or 20 minutes I would say.  I got seated and ordered the fried cheese plate and a burger with Swiss and mushrooms right away.

The cheese was DELICIOUS.  The marinara dip wasn't anything great.  But you can't really go wrong with fried cheese can you?

Then . . . there was a wait.  A REALLY long wait.  I was engrossed in my book and didn't complain, but when my burger finally came, my lovely waitress apologized and said the first burger was too burnt so she sent it back for a better one.  And this one was good.  I wasn't blown away.  But it was a good burger.

Because of my long long wait for my entree, my wonderful waitress gave me this special fastpass to use on any Magic Kingdom ride that day!  I've never gotten one of these before - it was awesome! 

Finally, even though I was about to pop, I HAD to try the toffee cake.  I ate almost the entire thing!  SO GOOD.  AJ was right - it is likely frozen and/or mass produced but WHO CARES - SO YUM!

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