Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Avatarland is like a purple dress

My friend Alison has about seventeen thousand purple dresses.  We are not sure why but she keeps buying them.  Every time she gets another one, it baffles me - yes they are all slightly different but doesn't she already have enough purple dresses?  Isn't it time to branch out to maybe a blue dress or a pink dress, or maybe even -gasp- pants?  But nope, she keeps buying purple dresses, God love her.

That's pretty much the same way I felt when I heard about Avatarland.  Disney already has a bunch of great franchises (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Muppets, and, much as I hate it too, Marvel) not to mention a slew of wonderful original movies and characters.  Did they really need to acquire another one? 

Yeah yeah yeah, Avatar is a semi-decent match for Animal Kingdom which has been screaming for expansion since day 1.  Yes, I am aware that Disney was worried that Avatarland at Universal would be that one-two punch with Harry Potter land that would just knock Disney out [insert derisive snort here].  Whatever.  Smart businesses are cautious but do not make reactive choices out of fear or paranoia.  Be confident in your own abilities, Disney, and your stellar track record! 

In sum, Disney, did you really need that new purple dress?  I'm pretty sure you have a closet full of them already.

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