Friday, November 11, 2011

Great blog post!

I PROMISE you new amazing content from my Disneyland trip is coming.  I am so busy right now catching up but I swear it's on its way.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest you hop on over to the Progress City blog, and check out this entry.  It basically sums up my position on most things Disney.  That is,

"Nostalgia for and the push to revive these little things goes to one of the core reasons typically cited as a secret for Disney’s success – a focus on detail. Anyone who grew up going to the parks knows how easily one can become fixated on some bizarre, out-of-the-way detail. With so many fascinating design elements populating the parks and resorts, it’s not hard to find something that enthralls you and becomes “your” personal, private touchstone. It can be something as remarkably mundane as a staircase or a hexagonal bathroom tile, but it’s something you look for every time you visit; it draws your eye, and it almost becomes ritual. And this is why, when things like his are lost, it detracts from the overall experience and the reaction from fans can be highly personalThe most stinging wound comes when things disappear without any replacement whatsoever. This attrition has hit the Magic Kingdom hard over the years; rides were shuttered without replacement, restaurants like the Adventureland Veranda sit disused, and even fan-favorite snacks disappeared in the endless waves of menu downsizing. " [Emphasis added].

SO TRUE you guys!  Great, great post.

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