Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brief Trip Report

I'm baaaaaaack!!!  I have a feeling I will be writing about the details of my trip in a bunch of upcoming posts.  But here is a very brief synopsis of the Worst Attractions I tried out.

- Canada's circlevision is clearly the superior World Showcase film.  France's is the worst.
- Tiki Room continues to be closed and I skipped the Treehouse out of sheer laziness.
- I don't get why so many of my Disney podcasters swoon over The American Adventure.  
- I missed Hall of Presidents but it wasn't my fault I swear!
- I don't need to do the Liberty Belle ever again.
- the Pangani Trail was better than expected, Journey into Narnia was worse.
- Astro Orbiter was terrifying.
- Aaaaaand finally, I couldn't stomach JII 3.0.  I just couldn't do it, you guys.  I'm sorry.  I have failed you all.

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