Friday, March 18, 2011

Be Our Guest Podcast Experience

On Wednesday I had the privilege of recording with Mike and Rikki of the Be Our Guest Podcast.  I am SO thrilled that I got to do this!  I used Mike's travel agency, The Magic For Less, to book my trip and as I am a very faithful BOGP listener, I had heard them mention that they could use some more trip reports a few weeks before my trip.  So when I got back, I emailed Mike offering up my trip report as a possible podcast and we set it up!

They called me via Skype Wednesday night and were SO NICE.  I mean, they're always nice on the podcast so it wasn't unexpected but I was nervous!  I guess I think of all my podcasters as kind of my "friends" so I really wanted Mike and Rikki to like me.  We had (I hope) a great chat about my trip and I hope that they liked me! 

It went by so fast.  Now I'm thinking about all the things I forgot to mention that I could have talked about (e.g. Wishes Dessert Party, Via Napoli, being on the BOGP Forums, other 80s/90s WDW memories) and I'm cringing at the things I said that could possibly make me sound stupid or unlikeable.  This is my way - I am a dweller.  Still it was a fantastic experience and I'm psyched that Mike and Rikki actually know who I am now! lol  I'm thinking of a trip to Disneyland in the fall w/ my little sister so I'm hoping I can go back on and talk about that someday too.

I *think* my show airs this coming Monday, March 21, so if anyone reads this, please listen to it and write a good review so they want me to come back on!

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