Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kill/Marry/Refurb Blog Hop! Disney World Coffee Spots

I'm joining Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog for the Kill/Refurb/Marry blog hop!  This week's theme is coffee spots in Disney World.   

Frankly, I can't remember where and when I've actually had coffee in Disney World.  I am SURE I have because I cannot function without it, but I think it's usually just a quick cup from Kona.  So these are all purely speculation.  I have a trip coming up VERY soon, during which I will be sure to make better note of the coffee options! 

Kill:  Whoever speaks to me before I am caffeinated.  

Refurb: The Main Street Starbucks back to the Bakery.  And bringing back those cinnamon rolls is mandatory.  I don't care what you say, the ones at Gaston's are NOT the same.  

Date Casually Until Something Better Comes Along: Kona is good.  Kona is smart.  Kona is important.  The coffee is good and the location (as someone who used to stay EXCLUSIVELY at the Poly) cannot be beat.  But I have doubts as to whether it is marriage material.  And I'm deducting points for not being able to enjoy the lobby fountain while I sip anymore. 

Marry:  Victoria and Alberts.  I will get to this as soon as I find someone who is willing to spend the money with me.  Jamie from the Disney Hipster podcast swears it is legendary and I trust her judgment implicitly.  Brb, gotta go ring shopping real quick.

If you're smart, you will hop on to all the next stops

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