Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Solo Trip Recap Part 8: California Grill

Okay boys and girls.  Sit down and get comfortable because I am about to tell you an incredible tale about a dinner.  Grab a diet coke, maybe a snack (because if you're not hungry yet, you soon will be), and settle in.  Is everyone ready?  Okay, let's go.

So I roll up to the welcome desk and am immediately escorted to the elevator.  Up up up up we go!  I am early so I hang out by the semi-crowded bar and get a glass of water while admiring my surroundings.  The decor is modern, sleek, warm and light.  Very loungey.  The view is, of course, incredible.

I tried to get some shots (I wonder if it would be as cool or cooler for lunch when it's not so dark?).  The wait was pretty long but eventually I get seated at the chef's counter and greeted by my awesome Cast Member waiter, Ron.

Bread and butter appear almost immediately as I perused the menu.  The bread and butter alone was amazing.  My mouth is watering right now as I think about it.   I also had the perfect view of the open kitchen and enjoyed watching the bustle of the cooks and waiters.  Each dish they put out looked better than the last - so of course I snagged some pics.

Wishes was starting and Ron suggested I watch out on the roof.  When I hesitated about leaving my seat (and thus prolonging my stay at the counter - I know waiters like a lot of turnover for tips), he promised me it was okay.  I grabbed my water (SO THIRSTY!) and went outside. 

I swear food pics are below.  Keep scrolling!

It was chilly for sure, but who cares!  I was on the freakin' roof of the Contemporary watching Wishes!  Of course I called my parents to rub it in a little lol.  (Brace yourself for a ton of Wishes pics - I promise food pics are coming as soon as you scroll down!)


Food pictures are coming I PROMISE!

The view was weird, being off to the side and a bit in farther away than I would have liked, but again, the whole experience was so cool I didn't care.

Almost there!!!!

After the finale, I headed back to my seat where I ordered a sashimi appetizer and two appetizers instead of an entree (my own ad hoc tasting menu).  Are you ready for these pics because, buckle up, this meal was incredible:

WHAM! Sashimi. I sat right in front of the sushi chef so I got a constant show of his skills.

WHAM! Goat Cheese Ravioli.  EAT THIS.  EAT THIS ASAP.  You will not regret it.  One huge ravioli filled with flavorful cheese in a light broth-like tomato sauce.

WHAM!  Gnocchi in a creamy sauce with crispy pork bits and a poached egg.  Heavy? Yes.  WORTH IT.  I ate until I popped.  I was uncomfortably full and not at all sad about it. 

Tragically, no room for dessert - all the more reason to make another ADR in the future!


  1. Looks incredible V, want to eat there and experience it all. Cant wait to do it and thanks for the great pics and tips..

    1. Go! Go extremely hungry though. Go famished! I need to go back to try the desserts and other sushi and entrees and.....

  2. This sounds so fun. I felt like I was there with you. :)

  3. I LOVE reading other solo travelers tales. I go to WDW once a year on my own....and I look forward to that trip more then trips with other people.

    I digress ....going to a signature DINNER is something I'd like to do. I've been to the brown derby for lunch and have a hard time finding a place that has a table for one available for dinner. I'll try seeing if I can snag a table at the CG. Or another Signature Dining outside of the parks.

    1. I'm a big solo traveler too! I find them liberating because I don't have to compromise or explain myself EVER!

      When making ADRs I often make reservations for 2 just in case I find someone to join me (I'm still a little bit uncomfortable dining alone) but it's usually just me and they usually put me at the chef's counter which I LOVE - what a show!

      Keep your eye out for my post on my solo dinner at Jiko!

  4. Wow that looks amazing!!! We just got home from our Disney trip and I guess I need to go back and try out California Grill!! Great post. Thanks.