Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MGM (Yeah I said it), My Way

Have you ever wished you could "revise" a Disney Park?  Just take a red pen to it and mark it all up to make it the way YOU want it?  Well that's what we're going to do here, in the first installment of Disney Parks, My Way.  Episode III: MGM.

The rules of the game are that I am limited to choosing either what is in the park presently OR what has been there in the past.  I am not making up new things to switch in....yet ;)

First, I am bringing back the old name.  Mainly because I just cannot break the habit of calling it MGM.  I know "Studios" is easier to say but I feel weird saying that and have to consciously remind myself every time.  MGM it shall be.

Next, I am removing the entire Dining Plan.  Gasp! I know.  But the DDP makes it basically impossible for me to get reservations for 50's Prime Time and Sci Fi.  Do you remember when you used to be able to walk up to ANY restaurant in the parks and get a table within 30 minutes?  Yes, such a time did exist and I miss it terribly!  I am simply not capable of figuring out what time I will be hungry for lunch or what food I will be craving 180 days ahead of time.  Plus, I stand by my WDW Today podcast hosts' theory that it is not a money saver and no more convenient than a pre-paid credit card.  But let's save that discussion for another post.  Bottom line: I miss table availability at Sci Fi and 50's.

Next, I am knocking out Narnia.  I don't remember what was there before it, but I kind of don't care because it can't possibly be worse than what is there now right?

Oh I almost forgot - I'm moving the big Hat.  It's cute, no doubt.  But I feel that it mucks up the clean, clear, organized visual lines the park used to have.  It can move to an edge of the park so that you can still visit it but you also get the weenie of the Chinese Theater.  The Earful Tower will also make a comeback.

I'm putting back the original version of the Backlot Tour.  Plus Residential Street.  I am changing the Streets of America back to the New York Street it used to be.  I dunno, I just prefer it that way.

Pixar Place can stay, of course. So can ToT and RnR and Voyage.  I am bringing back the Muppets store with that giant steamroller that you could lie under and pretend you were being flattened. 

New Star Tours can stay for now, since I hear it is AWESOME, but I reserve the right to change my mind once I actually experience.

I guess the rest of the stuff can pretty much stay as is!  I don't have a lot of complaints with the changes MGM has experienced over the years thus far.  I might want to add NEW things, but I can't say that the current state of the park is much better/worse than the former state(s).

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